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This is a place for my friends & family to share media & memories as well as for those interested in technology, Lasers, Lighting, Amusement parks, Anthropology, Drumming, Music etc....

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My Experimental Songs from 2000

You can find my Experimental songs from 2000 here.

My idea was to create something completely new that was not conventional and somewhat trance like. I used a Korg 2000 synth my D4 electronic drumset an Adat and a computer. I burned a cd to listen to what I had and a couple of days later my hard drive and Adat took an electrical surge from a lightning strike frying both of them. So what I have are songs that were never mixed mastered or for the most part finished. The  exceptions are Suzy's song, Expirement and the Long Journey which does not use samples and are live performance pieces I made up on the fly.


Drums and Drum Corps

The one passion in my life that has always stayed the same is drumming!
My father who has played drums all his life started teaching me rudiments at age 3.


Want to buy an awesome Bike!

If your looking for the Sean Chaney that builds awesome titanium bicycles I am not him. You can find him here



I have been getting a lot of questions regarding my laser projector on youtube. I will start posting hopefully helpful info from my experimenting over the years. I got interested with lasers after going to my first real Rock concert back in the 80's it was Rush's Power Windows tour and the Lasers just amazed me. I started experimenting when I was in High school with He/Ne lasers and spinning mirrors and eventually after years of trial and error built my first real projector. This has just been a hobbie and sometimes an obsession over the years one that I can not really afford anymore.



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